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Amar Chugg:

Unfortunately the weather has kicked my ass when it comes to disrupting my schedule and letting me be productive. Its been close to 100 every day for the past week. Enough is enough. This is new york, not death valley.

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Sleep Pattern Usually when I’m not enrolled in school or simply on vacation, I tend to f**k up my entire sleep pattern. Sleeping at 2-4am every night, sometimes waking up at 10 or even waking up at 2pm. Late Nights But why? There’s a reason behind it. I like staying up late and watching movies [...]

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Global Warming At it’s finest, as we know it, … at least for now. But boy has this year been hot! Absolutely ridiculous. Temperatures in the 90s day over day with no rain. Nothing like the New York weather we’re used to. Times like this aren’t even for the beach. It’s way too hot to [...]

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Amar Chugg:

Its been a long run creating this new version for Spruse. Heck its been crazy stressful getting it together. Hopefully within a few days the web version will be set to go. Then we’re off to create the mobile version. See you then!

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Magna Carta Holy Grail by Jay-Z and Samsung
Amar Chugg:

We’re working on the issue regarding logging into accounts.

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